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Bye Bye Bills hello Ganesvoort ,ahh crap

In the last couple of days the new version of Bills was released as the Ganesvoort. It will be a hipster  hotel with all the trappings of what I can’t stand in a hotel. It will cater to the club going, wanna be douche crowd that has already infested the strip.  Does the strip really need yet one more day or night club or how about over priced restaurants. I got an idea how about a few remodel rooms and lets over charge the hell out them.

What the hell happened to having good rooms at a decent price and not have everything cater to the DJ loving douche bags. If it sounds like I’m old its because I am. I believe anybody willing to spend $300 or more for a bottle of Vodka that sells for $25 is an asshole. Whats the purpose you sit in bar/club with crappy music that’s played at annoying levels.  You are only hoping to meet up with some other dumb ass and hope to hell not to get an STD for your troubles.

The reason this upsets me so much is that this was one of the great places you could get the old school feel of Vegas on the strip. In the days it was the Barbary Coast it was my favorite hang out. Then it became Bill’s and got a little lame but it was livable. As well I understand that Drais started out the club phase in Vegas but at least they kept it in the basement .  Gone are the days of cheap beer, decent table limits, reasonable room rates, and decent restaurants. Hello are the days of let’s be like the Cosmo.

For the love of downtown

Fremont east in downtown reminds me of what Vegas might have been when it was in it more sophisticated. Okay, granted I don’t know much about sophistication but I know it when I drink it. So with that being said I ingested a lot of sophistication the last time when I was out there.

One of the best places to start your education is at the downtown cocktail room. The last time I walked into this place was at dusk. It was empty and no bartender in sight. I sat down at the stainless steel bar and quickly a bartender came out and made me a Americano. It was full of flavor, unlike the drinks at times you get comped at a blackjack table. Not all drinks that are comped are flat but you normally don’t get the top self booze. The difference is like getting a tomato from a fresh garden rather than one from a Wal-Mart superstore.

More important than then drinks Fremont East & Fremont is a place for adults. It’s not geared for family’s or even attempts it. It leaves the overpriced nightclubs for the strip. There is no overpriced flavor of the month celebrity chef or lame pirate ship battles. It’s about gambling, good drinks, shows and solid meals.


New Life for Echelon

As reported by the Las Vegas Journal Boyd gaming has sold the Echelon site to the Genting Group. The Genting Group is based out of Singapore and has grand plans for the new site.

We have heard this before from Boyd when it purchased the Echelon site but due to the economic downturn it never got off the ground.

Genting is planning a massive 3,500 rooms and a huge 175,000 square foot casino. This all sounds great but will this be another in a long list of unfulfilled promises. I don’t think so. This is a major player on the world-wide stage of gaming and with the news of the SLS getting it’s financing this could be a domino effect for the North strip. I love hearing this news for the shuttered end of North end of the strip. In my fantasy land I would love to see the strip go all the way to Fremont.

My last wish is that a buyer comes forth to purchase the large blue tombstone of the Fontainbleau.

P.S Its always nice not to have another CET or MGM property on the strip